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DC Telecom began its operations in 2010.


Our team consists of highly qualified engineering personnel and professionally prepared workforce specialized in the fields of construction and modernization of telecommunication stations in the Republic of Armenia. Their extensive experience enables us to perform turnkey work in the field of civil and industrial construction.
DC Telecom is equipped with all the necessary technology, has all the state licenses and work permits.

License 15074 | Realization of construction in the sphere of town building, except the works not requiring permission for construction
• Implementation of residential, public and industrial construction
• Implementation of construction: energetic
• Realization of communication construction

License 17070 | Development of Urban Development Documentation:
Engineering sections
• Design in the field of Energetics
• Design in the field of Telecommunication Networks
• Design of the Communication Facilities: Receivers, antennas, amplifiers

Our standards

Effective Time Management

Our professionals guarantee the completion of the projects according to the deadlines set by the client. The projects are divided into separate stages and each stage is entered into the timetable with respective periods in which it will be completed.

Guaranteed Quality

DC Telecom LLC guarantees the high quality of its projects. During the work process regular reports are presented to the client with a subsequent discussion of all the requirements and nuances. The work process is recorded via photographs.


The world of telecommunication and data transfer is facing a quickly growing demand for frequency resources.
As a company specialized in construction of base stations and telecommunication networks, due to which digital infrastructure becomes available for all, we rely on the following principles and values in our work.

Every client is unique for us. We approach all our clients in a personalized manner, however, all our standards remain the same for every project.

Everything constructed by us is safe and durable. We operate with the best equipment and find the most effective solutions to ensure longevity and secure operation of our projects.

Each non – typical situation that comes up in the process is thoroughly discussed with our specialists in order to provide the best solution.

Our team consists of engineers of various specialties, middle level specialists and qualified workforce. Our specialists are ready to provide consultations in order to provide solutions for projects of any level of difficulty


With each new project we aim to provide a higher level of services. Our specialists always tend to expand their knowledge, participate in trainings, explore new technologies and construction methods with the use of modern mechanisms and equipment.


DC Telecom is equipped with all the necessary technology, has all the state licenses and work permits.

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